The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, one of the world's most prestigious immigration programs, is only one of a number of alternatives accessible to foreign nationals who wish to relocate to Manitoba.
Since its inception in 1998, the MPNP has admitted over 130,000 immigrants to Canada. Manitoba is dedicated to doubling that figure in the coming years.

Over the last few years, the MPNP has been experiencing a gradual transition termed the MPNP Renewal, however the change has been beset by considerable delays and is still not complete.

Numerous new avenues to provincial nomination will be constructed inside the presently existing International Skilled Worker stream, which will remain operational in its current form until further modifications are implemented. The government will continue to accept Expressions of Interest (EOIs) and applications under the current MPNP criteria for this stream, which are separated into categories for Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba.
To immigrate to Manitoba, one of the following prerequisites must be met:
•You can demonstrate a link to Manitoba by having graduated from a Manitoba educational institution, establishing or purchasing a business in Manitoba, including a farm business, or being qualified to immigrate to the Morden community.
• You can establish a link to Manitoba via the assistance of friends or family members who live in the province, prior job experience or education in the province, or by an invitation to apply from the MPNP. Your relationship to the Skilled Worker in Manitoba stream should be through employment.

Manitoba Immigration Streams:

If you intend to immigrate to Manitoba, you have the following five options:
• Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream;
The Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream is intended for competent temporary foreign employees and international student graduates who are presently employed in Manitoba and have been given a permanent, full-time position by a Manitoba company.
• Skilled Worker Overseas Stream;
The Skilled Worker Overseas Stream is designed for qualified skilled employees who are located outside of Canada but have a strong connection to the province. A skilled worker currently residing in Canada may also qualify for this group.
• International Education Stream;
The International Education Stream is for international graduates who graduated from a Manitoba post-secondary institution who wish to stay in Manitoba permanently.



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