Intra Company Transfer work permit

The International Mobility Program (IMP) enables highly trained foreign professionals to work in Canada as an intra-company transferee on a temporary basis (ICT). If an overseas firm has a presence in Canada (branch, subsidiary, or affiliate), the company may move its employees there. Employers bringing overseas workers to Canada as intra-company transfers are free from the obligation to do a labour market impact assessment (LMIA) since they contribute considerable economic value to Canada through the transfer of their experience to Canadian enterprises. Employees transferred inside the organisation may be from any nation.

Requirements in General
• You are currently employed by an overseas firm and seeking admission to Canada in order to work for the company's parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate.
• You are shifting to a firm with whom you have a qualifying connection and will be employed at one of the company's legitimate and continuous establishments.
• You've been promoted to an executive, senior management, or specialised knowledge role.
• You have worked continuously for the firm that intends to relocate them outside of Canada in a comparable full-time capacity for at least one year in the three years before the date of first application.
• You are visiting Canada on a temporary basis.
• You meet all immigration requirements for temporary admission.

Organizational Requirements

• The corporation must obtain physical space for the Canadian operation, which is especially important in the case of specialised knowledge. However, in some circumstances involving top managers or executives, it might be appropriate for the new start-up to utilise its counsel's address until the executive can acquire or lease a premise.
• The company's staffing projections for the new business must be reasonable.
• The corporation must have the financial resources necessary to establish operations in Canada and compensate personnel.
• When executives or managers are transferred, the firm must demonstrate that it will be large enough to support the executive or management role.
• When moving a specialist knowledge worker, the organisation must demonstrate that it is conducting business as usual and ensuring that work is overseen and controlled by management at the Canadian operation.

Duration of the ICT Work Permit
The original Intra Company Transfer Work Permit is valid for three years, unless the office is being established – one year. It is renewable for two years. If a Canadian firm requires the employee for a further period of time, the extension is discretionary and limited to a maximum of seven years cumulatively for executives and senior managers, or five years cumulatively for specialised knowledge workers.
After completing their maximum work permit length, intra-company transferees must complete one year of full-time employment in the firm outside Canada before reapplying for intra-company transfer to Canada.

Canada Intra Company Transfer Visa Processing Period
Under the Global Skills Strategy, applications submitted under the Intra Company Transfer Program qualify for a two-week processing time. To qualify for this expedited service, the position must be of skill category 0 (managerial) or A (professional), and the candidate must be from outside Canada. Otherwise, usual processing times apply, which may vary depending on the nation from where the Canada ICT Visa is being applied for.



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